On TUESDAY, AUGUST 7th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm, it's time to  RAISE YOUR VOICES at the "Youth Speak Out and Up" at LOCK 3 AKRON. Be a part of our PSA, hear youth crime victims advocate for safer communities and network with the Mayor and other community leaders. This is a NO COST TO ATTEND  EVENT.  Many activities, exhibits, music & give-a-ways.  You and your friends can also help the Akron Children's Museum with a community service project. 



It's time to RALLY for your LIVES!

 On March 24, 2018, thousands of teenagers and adults marched on Washington, DC and around the nation to demand changes to gun laws in the U.S.  Listening to teens affected by gun violence on this video, marching was NOT just about gun violence, but other social injustices occuring everyday.  THE TIME IS NOW!  See you at the TEEN SPEAK OUT RALLY on August 7th!

Need more convincing?

Teens making a difference!